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The  2000s

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(Length of  dances  approximate)

1. 2013. Wade in the Water, dance.  4 minutes  View
          Old Manse, Concord, MA. For the Global Water Initiative.

          Culture Fest. National Heritage Museum, Lexington, MA.
2. 2012. Banned in Boston. A liberal priest is banished. Introduction   View
3.            Banned in Boston, dance. 8 minutes.  View

4. 2011.         Veni Emanuel.  Circle dance with child. 2 minutes. Weston,    View

                  The Pharisee and the Tax Collector. Luke 18:9-15.
                  Hancock UCC Church, Lexington, MA. 
5.  2010.       The Pharisee and the Tax Collector, menu, dance. 6 minutes.   View

                  Sacred Dance Guild Festival, Connecticut College.
6. 2010. Mi Senti Dio: Do you hear me, Lord? Psalm 126.           
          Choreography: Gloria Castano. 5 minutes.  View

7.  2010. World Day of Prayer (WDP), Women of Cameroon.
                  Hancock UCC Church, Lexington, MA. 
                 “Market Day,” Menu.  View

8.   Cameroon Processional with rattles. 3 minutes. View

9.  Cameroon Market Day Dance. 5 minutes. View           

                  Trinitarian Congregational Church, Concord, MA.

10. G od the Weaver. Ruth LIeberherr, Shirley Blancke.
            Piano: Marsha Martin. 3 minutes.  View